My name is Christopher Murphy
I'm a filmmaker and digital content creator,
I've been capturing, processing & editing,
both film & photography
for 9+ years.

Hailing originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I began my career by creating a fake movie trailer
The People vs Christ.
With the help from a few friends
I knew from that moment, my life's passion
would be to create and facilitate the production
of film and entertainment.

Wanting to expand and learn on this personal venture in life I packed up and moved to the city of Toronto where I feel I have room to grow.

Over the years I have Filmed, Edited & Photographed various projects including
Commercial Photoshoots, Weddings, Tech Events, Live Stage Shows, Sitcoms, Food & Beer Festivals, Music Festivals and Musical Acts like:

Calliope Musicals
Baby Metal
Dub Fx
Dub Kartel
Danny Brown
Five Alarm Funk
Lamb of God
My Son The Hurricane
Rich Aucoin
Shred Kelly
Tame Impala
The Dead love
The Last Honest Fool

The Internet
The Protomen
Tupper Ware Remix Party
Tyler the Creator
Wu-Tang Clan
and More...

Inspired by the universe and the world around me 
I am forever learning and expanding on my technique as an artist and film maker.
Conveying what I witness on film & photography to the best of my abilities for others to enjoy.

If you require any assistance with your
Photo/Film Production or Social Media Content creation and management 
please do not hesitate to contact me.

_Christopher Murphy.

"Worldmind? what the hell is that?
Well, some folks might call it a Collective Consciousness 
but in its purest state, It`s nothing but the absolute truth, past, present, and hopefully, Future!

The light of the truth is the sweetest thing there is and also the most Dangerous"
- Rick Veitch; The One